Who Is Ethan Keedy?

Ethan Keedy joined the Connellsville Lions Club, where he is still a proud member to this day. While in college he continued his volunteer efforts even as he ran his business. He participated in numerous “Clean ups” across the city, and through his business, found ways to give back. This volunteer spirit began at age 14. As a young man, he volunteered, along with his father, at a local nursing home. The residents loved his youthfulness and the excitement he brought to the activities. This volunteer effort continued as he turned his attention to improving the local city park.

At the age of 16, Ethan coordinated a local “walk” which raised money for Connellsville’s East Park. This walk raised $1,100.00, which was used to update the concession stand and to make other necessary improvements. Ethan also joined the Fayette County Cultural Trust shortly after this. He wanted to be a voice for Fayette County about helping to find a way to bring more arts and cultural to the area.

At the age of 18, Ethan graduated from Connellsville High School with more than 3,000 volunteer hours. He won the Trib Total Media outstanding Young Citizens award, the first ever Challenge Program Student of the Year award, the Connellsville Chamber Community Service individual award, and various other community awards.

Ethan was proud to be featured in a series called “People Who Inspire.” This came about through his work involving speaking to students about the effects that suicide, drug abuse, and bullying has on them and their families. This was Ethan’s passion because he experienced losing his father to the drug epidemic and suicide.  Ethan continues to serve his community as a member of the Connellsville City Council, where he is the Director of Accounts and Finance.